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Some numbers that need washing down with a strong cup of coffee?

That coffee drinking habit is also getting more expensive. Each visit is worth, on average, about £4.07. Comparing this with the numbers Allegra produced in the last few years means we think the average cost of each visit has risen by about 5% / year Continue reading

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What is wrong with the dairy industry?

At the moment it is probably no worse than it was two, five or certainly ten years ago. Long-term, it is struggling to restructure itself to meet then change in retail and international markets. Overall the dairy market has been … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous milk, available everywhere!

So what is all the fuss over milk prices and what has it got to do with coffee shops? After coffee (ethically sourced or otherwise) coffee shops use shed loads of milk. However, individual coffee shops and small chains tend … Continue reading

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