Coffee Syrups

We produce a wide range of flavours of our Malmesbury Coffee Syrups and cooking syrups, including:

Amaretto flavouring for coffee, on ice cream, as a topping on fruit, this flavour is a 2008 Great Taste Gold
Caramel, did we mention this works well in coffee? Milk (hot or cold), ice cream topping, porridge
Fine Vanilla, in your coffee, on strawberries, porridge, pancakes, when making biscuits and cakes, in marinades to make lamb and chicken taste great, or as a flavouring in smoothies.
Ginger, coffee, on your melon, cooking Chinese food (this will save you time) you can even use it as a cordial if you had a soda making machine?
Cinnamon, makes anything taste like Christmas, makes a great cinnamon latté, coffee, apple pies, cakes and biscuits
Apple & Cinnamon, makes a great latté also 
Hazelnut, the original flavouring for coffee and good as a topping too- this our New version which we call the ‘Ferro Ricochet’  you can guess why
Espresso, cooking, marinades, good with game, even better as a shortcut making Tiramisu, mix it in milk for a refreshing drink or topping cream
Mocha, still great in coffee and at its best on ice cream
Chai, a spiced tea extract that makes a great latté- also flavours coffee and a potential ‘secret’ ingredient in cakes

All our syrups are available in 250ml and can be bought in a pack of four or in a variety of gift boxes. They are all suitable for vegetarians.

You can buy our syrups online at or call our order line on 01666 577 379.


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  1. Please can you send me an up to date price list

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