MALMESBURY SYRUPS is a specialist food company  making flavoured syrups from scratch to its own recipes.

Based on a Cotswolds park-land estate in rural Wiltshire, Malmesbury Syrups serves the fine food and specialty delicatessens, high street retailers and coffee shops and more recently Amazon and other on-line retailers too.

Malmesbury Syrups is a small, flexible company and are able to quickly develop new recipes and products.

Malmesbury Syrups draws on its wide experience of food & drink as well as access to some of the best flavours and ingredients in the world to produce a wide range of delicious products.

We also make Frappes° syrups for replicating the café experience in your own home.
Who we are

Started by John Taylerson (JT) in 2007, Malmesbury Syrups saw its products on the shelves in Selfridges’ Oxford Street and Trafford stores within 6 months and many other shops since.

JT grew up on a farm and has had a career in food and drink with everything from dairy farming through processing to consumers.

JT is Food & Drink Ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and does consultancy work on marketing for other food & drink businesses – www.taylerson.co.uk is the web site with more information about this.


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