Summer prices, phew! What a scorcher!

Have you reviewed your prices lately? Have you been very good and tried not to increase them despite all the suppliers imposing price increases on you? Putting prices up is never easy and especially in a retail situation where competitive forces are at work.

However, I have a suggestion. Don’t put prices up. Eh? ! that is right, do not put the prices up of the existing everyday products that some people buy. However, DO introduce NEW products. That is the trick here. Think of it like this. We all like something new, cars, clothes, shoes, gadgets etc. In fact we do change our habits even our favourite drinks  sometimes if we like what we try.

So, new drinks, new flavours new formats can mean that customers can be encouraged to try something new and obviously being new means it can’t be at the same price as the old stuff! I mean if it wasn’t new and slightly more expensive it wouldn’t be new/better etc.

What are we doing not introducing lots of new flavours to our customers, well at the risk of confusing them, some new flavours incorporated into the menu can encourage people to experiment, spend more and helps keep the feeling that things are fresh, new and contemporary.

Taylerson's Coffee Syrups

Coconut flavoured syrup

Summer, is the time to try these things. Some people will be away, others will be returning and overall, it is one of those times when a change can be slipped in.

Be careful though, not too many changes, just the odd one or two new seasonal flavours that offer some fun and fresh thinking, after all, some of us struggle with too much change. Even though, we know change is inevitable, unless you are paying to park a car!


About coffeesyrups

TAYLERSON'S MALMESBURY SYRUPS is a specialist food company creating flavoured syrups for coffee shops, food service and consumers via Amazon, John Lewis and local Waitrose among many. Also making an award wining mulling syrup; ideal for a quick and simple mulled wine, cider or apple juice
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