Spring into flavours

With a change in the weather comes a change in our tastes.  Often we banish the porridge of winter for alternatives like muesli and fruit for the summer months.   What we like to drink changes too. Our diet of tea, coffee or warming chocolate drinks give way to smoothies and iced teas.  The point is our appetite for food and drink changes with the weather.

Adding flavours to coffee is therefore a bit different in the summer than it is in the winter.  Not all the flavours work all year round.  Try replacing wintery cinnamon with summery strawberry.  Strawberry works well in a latté giving it a slightly fruity almost citric freshness making it almost as refreshing as a milk shake. Milk shakes, or as we describe them to grown-ups, are a dairy-based-smoothie. Try our banana, toffee or mint chocolate syrups in ice cold milk?

Taylerson's Coffee Syrups

Coconut flavoured syrup

Iced Tea? Popular with lemon but try our Mint flavoured syrup. Iced Tea with mint makes a very refreshing flavoured drink and ideal on flaming-hot June days.

So what flavour signature drink will you offer to make your outlet special and different this spring?

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250ml bottles


About coffeesyrups

TAYLERSON'S MALMESBURY SYRUPS is a specialist food company creating flavoured syrups for coffee shops, food service and consumers via Amazon, John Lewis and local Waitrose among many. Also making an award wining mulling syrup; ideal for a quick and simple mulled wine, cider or apple juice
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