Not really very exciting, the word for something we should enjoy, in some instances get quite passionate about and probably our daily rituals are defined by?

Beverages, probably don’t include ‘drink’ the word we reserve for alcohol. As if that is a different category. In days gone past, before we had safe and drinkable water, beer was the dilutable of choice. Alcohol was a way of preserving and making safe beverages.

Tea and coffee have long since taken over, subsided and now resurged. It wasn’t that many years ago that talk was of coffee and tea going out of fashion with younger people turning to other beverages; juices, smoothies, cordials and then, alco-pops being the threat.

Now tea and coffee couldn’t be more popular. The reinvention of coffee shops into fashionable meeting spots has heralded new drinks. In fact, calling them coffee shops is probably unfair, given they don’t sell many traditional coffees, have invented their own (and copyrighted) drinks menus.

Scourge of the high street, new coffee shops were taking over from charity shops as the barometer for failing high streets. Turns out they are the saviours. They attract people to high streets, create a better environment and encourage people to hang around to potentially shop.

coffee Plantation shot

generic coffee shop?

The future looks good for beverages. New small and innovative companies are competing with the big companies. Often the market prefers the new, different, innovations and they seem to come from the smaller or new companies. Australia, US are often setting the trends, Europe hasn’t really invested anything since they had yoghurt drinks with questionable health claims?

Beverages, a whole new world of tastes and experiences and a source of constant innovation.

coffee mug syrupodic 1.jpg


About coffeesyrups

TAYLERSON'S MALMESBURY SYRUPS is a specialist food company creating flavoured syrups for coffee shops, food service and consumers via Amazon, John Lewis and local Waitrose among many. Also making an award wining mulling syrup; ideal for a quick and simple mulled wine, cider or apple juice
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