Salad Syrup dressing; sounds weird, tastes great

For several years one of our most popular summer products has been our Salad Syrup Dressing.

Based on our Fine Vanilla syrup, this dressing is a blend of Vanilla and a balsamic vinegar. A combination you would not ordinarily expect to see or even think of, the discovery was made by one of our friends. We admit that we were very sceptical until we tried it. Now, we can’t eat a green salad without this Salad Syrup Dressing.

Originally, Salad Syrup Dressing was made at home by blending the Fine Vanilla syrup and some balsamic but this was soon to be far too much effort given the quantity of Salad Syrup Dressing being consumed in the summer so we decided it must be an idea to make a finished Salad Syrup Dressing up. That meant a label. The Salad Syrup Dressing label was probably not the most exciting label we have designed so we made the effort this spring to develop a new and more colourful label to really sell the Salad Syrup Dressing.

Our new label will hopefully mean more people will get-over their prejudice for this weird sounding combination of the Fine Vanilla syrup and the balsamic and enjoy Salad Syrup Dressing as much as we do.

salad syrup label pic


About coffeesyrups

TAYLERSON'S MALMESBURY SYRUPS is a specialist food company creating flavoured syrups for coffee shops, food service and consumers via Amazon, John Lewis and local Waitrose among many. Also making an award wining mulling syrup; ideal for a quick and simple mulled wine, cider or apple juice
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